These Mini Chocolate Cheesecake’s are pretty and delicious, and best of all they are not sugar-filled like their dairy-cheesecake counterparts!

When I was little cheesecake used to be one of my favourite desserts. But since turning to a whole foods diet and eliminating dairy due to skin and digestive issues, regular cheesecake doesn’t pass my lips. As a kid I always used to make a cheesecake on Boxing day for all my my grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins. My mum hosted boxing day last year, so what better excuse was there for me to experiment in the kitchen in aid of resurrecting the old tradition this year.

I decided to make my cheesecake in mini muffin tins, because portion control is important when it comes to my family…they would eat the whole cake if they could! That said when it comes to sweet treats portion control is also very important, one little bite sized cheesecake is enough to satisfy a craving without sabotaging your good intentions when it comes to your diet!

I am not going to tell them that it is a “healthier” version of what I used to make so please keep you lips sealed :-).

Mini chocolate cheesecakes paleo