So, at the weekend I had the pleasure of going to my little nephew Teddy’s 8th birthday ‘climbing wall’ party. What seems to be a bit of a thing between the boys currently, is wanting to drink Lucozade. Just before they sat down to their party food, they were allowed to choose a bottle each from the fridge. The first thing I noticed was the EXCITEMENT at choosing a bottle, it reminded me of the scenes when a UN Aid Convoy truck turns up somewhere in humanitarian crisis and the crowd swarm around.

The boys couldn’t wait to open the colourful bottles and start glugging. Big deal you say! Well if you had to guess, how many teaspoons of sugar there are in each bottle, what number would you put on it?

Below I have picked the most popular bottles and shown you their sugar content for a 380ml bottle, PLUS what that’s equivalent to in teaspoons of sugar.

Get ready! A plain old 380ml Lucozade Energy has 48g of sugar – that’s 11 TEASPOONFULS of sugar in it!

Lucozade have a strap line of ‘Once you are in the zone, nothing can stand in your way’. Is that the zone you want your bambino to be in? I doubt it. If you ever have times when you wonder why your little cherub has a bout of crazy behaviour, consider how much sugar YOU are giving them.

Now, you could say giving them Lucozade Zero is a better option, because it has less sugar. BUT, how do they keep it tasting sweet you ask? With the addition of….Aspartame and Phenylalanine. Don’t know what they are? Can’t even pronounce them? Just google them and see.

OK, so what can I do? Give me some options!

1.      Educate yourself – take 2 mins to look at these 2 websites (and if you think ‘oh I can’t be bothered’, then you should go and have a word with yourself).

2.      If you do allow them Lucozade, give them a cup of it, NOT the whole bottle.

3.      Or water it down a bit

4.      Or don’t let them have it!

And lastly, if your child throws a tantrum because you do any of the above, just remember who buys it for them and who allows them to drink it. You are responsible for them and the food and drink they consume.