My Dad, a typical tea, sandwiches and cake man was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. When his symptoms first started to manifest I explained to him what I thought it was but it fell on deaf ears. Ask any nutritionist who the worst people at listening to their advice are and I am sure they will tell you its their parents and loved ones. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me after his diagnosis when he muttered the words, “Emma-Louise you were right, I should have listened to you all along”.

I am so proud of him for turning his back on gluten as soon as he was diagnosed but I know that he was finding it hard giving up his beloved cakes. Ive spent many weekends trying to come up with a tasty jam sponge cake and this one was the clear winner. I am not a cake lover myself but even I thought that it tasted delicious, and my Dad gave it his seal of approval too (if only he knew I didn’t use conventional jam hehe).

So lets start with how to make the delicious chia jam filling!

chia jam


Chia Jam  

cake slice.jpg