What’s the single most important thing you can do to successfully lose weight and keep it off? Attitude! To get the results that you desire you really need to change your “fattitude” into a winning attitude!  It’s a fact that your attitude and mindset will determined your success with weight loss.  But it seems to be fundamentally missing from a large proportion of weight loss plans I have come across and it’s something that really is the make or break with most people; the difference between success and failure.

It’s a fact life is tough but if you really want to lose weight its time you toughened up and switched your fattitude mindset to a ‘yes I CAN’ attitude! Stop being the victim of your own actions. How many of you without realising it victimise yourself and complain? Catch yourself the next time you complain to your friends how hard life is and how tired you are. No doubt they will say “Oh you poor thing, I understand”, yes it may be a comforting feeling when your friend “understands”, but all they are doing in reinforcing a negative mindset into you.

So how do you change your attitude for weight loss?


Either you will have excuses, or you will weight loss aka results. If you mess up, admit it to yourself and let it be a mistake that you made. Do not defend your behaviour or try and justify it. Do not make-up a story, it will only make your journey even harder. Acknowledge the fact that you messed-up, and move on. It’s not OK, and no sob story can ever make it OK. Just start doing it right ASAP, and focus on the progress taken, the action you’re taking and keep pushing on.

 Here’s how you test if what you’re saying is a good reason, or an excuse: Tell your story to your fat cells. If they say, “Aw, we understand, you’re off the hook, we won’t turn that food into fat. You had a good reason, it would have been really tough to eat healthily that time” then it’s a good reason. If your fat cells ignore your excuse, bite the bullet and follow your plan.


Every day is a new opportunity to re-align yourself with who you are, what you stand for and what you desire to achieve for the coming day. The past is in the past. So what if you messed up the day before or know that you didn’t put your all into it? Don’t let that drag you down. Instead, forget about it, move forward and OWN the new day. Achieve the things you need to do, produce the outcome you desire then go to bed pleased that in some way shape or form, you are now better than who you were yesterday.


Affirmations are statements you make to yourself — declarations of what you wish to be. At the start of every day before you do anything else, take control of your thoughts and inner beliefs.  Some examples of affirmations are a series of I AM sentences that you repeat over and over again while listening to your choice of song for a couple of minutes. Examples of this could be “I am in control of my future” or “I can do anything that I set my mind to” or even “I’m beautiful and deserve happiness”.


Upon rising, and before going to sleep think about what it will be like to have the body you want. See the fat-loss. Feel the clothes fitting better. This will help to create a burning desire inside of you – the powerful yes attitude, so that you can say no to things trying to bring you down!

I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED in your weight loss journey, and part of succeeding is being able to feel comfortable being uncomfortable. This may upset some people or it will force change in others. Your reaction to an event is based upon your beliefs and the stories you tell yourself. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. The state that you are in today (good or bad) is a DIRECT result of your habits, behaviours and “stories”.

Tell yourself a different story today! I wish you luck, you CAN do it!

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