I am back with Part 2 of 3 Easy Dietary Changes That Will Significantly Improve Your Health. If you haven’t read part 1 you can see it here. 

So, how did you do last week? Did you manage to ditch the processed carbohydrate foods, and begin your morning’s with a plate full of your favourite protein and nourishing, stable fats?

Week 2:

Avoid Drinking Sugar.

You probably know that processed sugar can impact your body and how it works in a negative way when over consumed. While I’m all for enjoying sweets on occasion…. homemade chocolate anyone? drinking sugar in the form of soft drinks, sports drinks, concentrated juices or “energy” drinks have been shown to change our physiology.

Added sugar is highly fattening… and liquid sugar even more so. Drinking sugary drinks gives us a massive glucose and fructose hit, this puts us on the metabolic roller coaster, which can lead to chronic disease.

Sugary beverages not only provide little to no nutritional value for your body, evidence shows sugary drinks don’t make you feel full, so you eat the same amount of food as before, but with a whole lot of extra sugar calories on the side. This is just one more sign that all calories are not created equal, and that the liquid sugar specifically is a major fail.

Action Step: Swap sugary soft drinks, concentrated juices, and energy/sports drinks for alternatives like water, which can be infused with fruits or herbs, sparkling water flavoured with a squeeze of fresh fruit juice or some fresh ginger root. Homemade water kefir– this has the same fizz and sweetness but with a boost of probiotics, or Kombucha. If you find your body reacts negatively to high doses of sugar, experiment with removing added sugars from your life which can add up.

Drink coconut water, or try out a homemade sports drink for electrolyte hydration when doing endurance activities.

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