cfl circuits in little compton

We run a CFL Circuits class on Monday and Wednesday nights in our private gym in Little Compton. For more info please read below, if you have any questions you can email or click on our contact page.

Monday 7-8pm, Wednesday 6.30-7.30pm, £10

 What is Circuit training?

A safe effective and fun approach to exercise that can be enjoyed by everyone. In a circuit training class, you perform a variety of carefully selected exercises using bodyweight or fitness equipment. The benefits are plentiful and can include improved cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, agility, balance and co-ordination.

What will we do in a circuits training session?

Have fun, warm up, laugh, mixture of bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, boxing, weights, cycling, rowing and various equipment. We will be motivating and encouraging, take water breaks, stretches and warm down at the end. Each session is 1 hour.

How much is it?

All Circuit training sessions are £10, payable in advance via bank transfer. Blocks can be paid for in advance if required.

Where is the gym?

Our CFL gym is on the A44 between Moreton-in-Marsh and Chipping Norton.

Are the classes mixed?

All classes are open to men and women aged 16+.

What do I need to bring?

Sports clothing, ideally 2 layers on top, so you can strip off once you are warm and put back on when you have cooled down. A big bottle of water and a towel. Also, bring a sense of humour and a positive attitude! If you have your own boxing gloves or mitts feel free to bring them along.

Why do we need to warm up before the workout?

We want to prepare the body’s systems for the activities that will follow. Warming up will potentially reduce the risk of injury, enhance our performance and improve the effectiveness of the workout.

Why do we need to cool down after a workout?

Cooling down after the main workout is important to return the body’s systems to their pre-exercise state. Cooling down will prevent muscle soreness, rejuvenate the mind and body, lower your heart rate and reduce body temperature.

What else?

Please arrive at least 5 mins before the class so we can be ready to begin on time. If life has thrown you a little challenge or two during the day to slow you down and you arrive late, you can do a 5 min warm up and then join in. Hoorah. If you are doing any exercise and feel feint, dizzy or in pain, stop. 

Ready to get started? Email or click here for our contact page.