Nutrition is the cornerstone of laying down the foundations for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. Work with me before you get pregnant to create a nourishing environment for your baby to grow and thrive


If you are considering pregnancy, preparing your body nutritionally for conception is one of the most important things that can be done. Your nutritional status prior to conceiving will have a lasting effect on your health and that of your child’s. A mother’s diet before pregnancy can permanently affect many aspects of her child’s health—throughout his or her
lifetime. By providing your body with highly nourishing foods, and avoiding those that reduce fertility, you can increase your ease of conception and give your baby the healthiest start possible.


After spending many years trying to avoid getting pregnant, it can be distressing to realise that it is difficult to conceive when you actually start trying. For many women, becoming pregnant isn’t something that just happens whenever they are ready. Whether you are finding it hard to fall pregnant after months – or years of trying, have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility or currently undergoing fertility treatments, we can work together on natural ways to strengthen reproductive health and optimise your fertility.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused when things aren’t going to plan or there is so much information coming at you. I am here to help cut through some of that noise, I don’t just look at what you are eating; I take a patient-centred approach that involves looking at the both of you as two whole people to get to the root cause of what’s going on.

The Process

I will undertake a full nutritional and lifestyle assessment, where we look at the foods you are eating, symptoms, medical history, stress, family history, genetics, exercise, medications, environment to name a few. I also use functional testing to gain a greater understanding of other things that could be having an impact on your chances of conceiving. By using functional testing we are able to look at your genes, hormones, toxic load and the impact of stress.

Although lifestyle changes don’t guarantee pregnancy, making positive dietary and lifestyle modifications play a significant role in increasing your chances of getting pregnant. These modifications can also help you create a nourishing environment for baby, and help create a healthy baby that turns into a healthy adult. Avoid blaming yourself (or your partner) if you are having difficulty getting pregnant. I am here to help you lose the guilt and feel empowered on your journey towards pregnancy.

Having a child is truly a miracle. The good news is that miracles happen all the time!


Personalised Fertility Coaching

Those who commit to working with me for a minimum of 3-4 months of preparation see the best results. It takes 3 months for follicles on your ovaries to develop before one is mature enough to release an egg at ovulation. It takes at least 3 months for a new batch of sperm cells to mature and be ready for ejaculation. It can also take at least 12 weeks for your hormones to balance, for habits to change and toxins to leave your system. Even if you have less than 3-4 months, always start preparing your body as soon as possible. If you are able, beginning a full 12 months before you conceive allows sufficient time to cleanse and restore nutritional reserves. This isn’t just advice for those that are having fertility issues, its advice for anyone preparing for pregnancy.

It’s important to have someone there to support and help to motivate you, when you need to stay focused and accountable, so that you get the results you want. By having me by your side throughout your journey I can help guide you both step by step.

It is important to understand that I only work with people who are 100% committed to following my recommendations. I ask all potential clients to book in a 15minute Get Acquainted Call which gives us both an opportunity to see if we are compatible to work together, and for you to ask any questions about the process. My intention is to provide you with the very best support that you need.