Hi, I’m Emma-Louise Pauline (aka ELP)

I’m a qualified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Health Coach, workout lover and Self Love Advocate.

My passion is for serving people who desire to completely revolutionise their relationship with food, health and mindset. I like to ask questions, initiate small shifts, and empower people to totally ditch the one-size-fits-all diet mentality that never works.

I also love sardines :-) !



My Story..

In the past 14 years, I’ve been on a roller coaster of nutritional and training highs and lows. I had bad skin at the age of 14, and was put on a very strong drug called Accutane, before that point in my life I had never experienced depression but after that point it was the norm for me. At the age of 17 I developed an eating disorder, I rotated between restricting calories, chronic cardio, binging and purging in order to “feel better” about myself and lose weight. I lost weight and then some but was never happy. I eventually became even more depressed, struggled with body image issues, hormonal issues, digestive distress, and a suppressed immune system. All this continued for years and my many “issues” were made even worse as I was also working a stressful corporate job.

After admitting to myself that I had “problems”, for years I kept trying to fix them with the next “on trend” thing. I dug myself further into dogmatic approaches and went vegan, tried pills, trained harder, purchased an endless amount of self-help and diet books, had CBT, and did a whole lot of soul searching. To top it all off in 2011 after coming off of the pill and not having a period for over a year I was diagnosed with PCOS. I hadn't really paid much thought to having children, but the words 'you may never have children' felt like a dagger through my heart. Hearing I had PCOS really was the icing on the cake, I thought that I was damaged goods and wanted to give up on life, but then it dawned on me whatever was wrong with me –must be because of something I was doing wrong.

I was right – only it has nothing to do with what I was eating, and everything to do with what I wasn’t.

In 2011, enrolled at The College of Naturopathic Nutrition and soon after began following a "Paleo-ish" lifestyle. I was quickly introduced to my new best friend’s, fat, egg and avocado, to grass-fed meat, local produce, supporting sustainable farming, and quality sleep. I ditched my old restrictive and rigid “diet” and “lifestyle” mentality. While I initially began following Paleo as the next thing to “fix” me, it gave me the chance to properly feed my body and mind, figure out food intolerances, and unpack some of the lies I believed about health, weight, diet, and a washboard stomach.

Ultimate freedom came for me when I said GOODBYE to my eating disorder and depression, and HELLO to happiness! And how can I forget I beat PCOS!

While I’ve made just about every mistake you could possibly make when pursuing health and happiness, I wouldn’t change a thing. Experience has been my greatest teacher, and I wouldn’t be here helping you now if that hadn’t of been my story. And because of that, I am forever grateful. If I can do it, you can DEFINITELY do it.

UPDATE July 2017- I am now a Mummy to the lovely Hudson, I was once told I would never have children but I proved them wrong.


Work with Emma-Louise

Interested in receiving one-on-one support? I currently work with a select number of clients each month interested in nutritional therapy.