Move Breath Think and Drink

In an ideal world we would all have hours to wake up with the bright morning sun just drifting in to our room, birds chirping, have time to meditate, stretch / workout and read some empowering quotes from Socrates, Oprah Winfrey and Tony Robbins. Then formulate our colour coded day’s plan whilst knocking up a delightfully healthy breakkie, be showered, glowing and ready to own the day as you breeze out the door looking stylish, sexy and smiling.

In reality it’s actually dark out, you get dressed like a zombie, eat a bowl of sugary cereal that’s ‘fortified’ with stuff, try to do your hair whilst going down the stairs as you pass the kids/partner/dog and fall out of the door with coffee in one hand, handbag in the other and your skirt tucked in your knickers. Textbook.

So let’s be realistic about your morning routine, you may only have a short window of opportunity for some ‘Me/You time’, but this can still be VERY valuable.  It’s 4 easy steps and I call it ‘Move, Breath, Think and Drink’ (catchy eh?!) and it goes a little something like this..  deep breath..

1.      Put kettle on (ideally filtered water) & squeeze half a lemon in a mug (takes 1min)

2.      Breath in through your nose as you stretch your arms up above your head, hold for 3 seconds and breath out as you lower your arms – do this 5 times (takes 45seconds)

3.      Pour the hot water in to your mug and add a splash of cold - we don’t have much time to let it cool (takes 15seconds)

4.      Now grab your diary, notepad or note taking app on your mobile - Evernote is the most popular, and jot down briefly what you have to do today / buy today / who you need to call

5.      Number them in order of importance or priority (takes 2-3mins)

6.      Drink your warm water and lemon

7.      Get on with the rest of your day

Good luck and let us know if you have any questions!